Traditional Design Skills

For The Digital Entertainment Industry 

Traditional Design Skills

For The Digital Entertainment Industry 


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"If you want to understand Set Design, you could do no better than to study with Randall.


His knowledge is extensive and he is one of the most technically all-around talented designers I have ever worked with. He has all the imagination anyone would need to augment their experience.”


Jeannine Oppewall - Production Designer

Academy Award Nominee

Best Art Direction- The Good Shephard
Best Art Direction- Seabiscuit
Best Art Direction- Pleasantville
Best Art Direction- L.A. Confidential

"What Randall Wilkins affords is not only the understanding of Set Design in it’s most traditional form but also it’s execution as applied to the newest digital design programs.


  I have worked with Randall as both an analog set designer and a digital set designer and his having been steeped in the more traditional techniques and understanding of set design and bringing that knowledge to the digital world bridges the old with the new.  His vast experience of functioning in Art Departments, in designing of sets, in executing builds from drawings to stage - in my opinion - makes him a valuable asset for shepherding the new generation of Art Department designers." 


Donald Graham Burt  -  Production Designer

Academy Award Winner

Best Art Direction- The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Best Art Direction- Mank

"Randall is the most qualified and talented set designer I have ever had the pleasure to know and work with.


He not only has knowledge, talent, and craftsmanship as a set designer, but his experiences as a filmmaker and director give him unique insight into the whole design process."


Richard Hankins - Production Designer

Emmy Award Winner

Private Practice

What Our Students Are Saying



"When I started the 12-Week Set Design Fundamentals Series class, I was hoping to learn about the drawings that a Set Designer needs to produce, but I learned much more. This course covered everything: drawings, how to do a site survey, what the set designer's responsibilities are, and their position in the Art Department. My favorite part was learning about what not to do as a set designer. Learning from others' mistakes made me feel more confident in my work process. I started a Set Design job shortly after finishing the class. The class helped me do my first job with confidence. This class is a perfect start for anyone who is beginning a career in Set Design."
    Olesya Golub


"The deep dive into scenery construction was more valuable than half my grad school tuition."
    Evan S.


"The Set Design Fundamentals Series was an invaluable part of my Art Department education. It answered my questions about working full-time as a Set Designer and making a career in the entertainment industry. I learned so much about the tools, practices, and technical skills necessary for a successful start in film and TV. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone looking to further their design skills!"
    Patricia Witt


"This is an amazing course taught by an industry pro. Randall is an excellent, kind, and patient teacher who somehow manages to cover everything from the construction of a single flat to measuring a cathedral in Florence from just photos. I cannot speak highly enough about this class. Anyone who is serious about a career in set design should be required to take this course."
   Garrett Brown


Randall Wilkins has over 30 years of experience in the film and television industry in Hollywood. His set design credits include over 80 films and TV series. He teaches classes in design at the Art Directors Guild in Los Angeles, at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles),  and guest lectures at schools internationally.


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