Wrand Film & Video Glossary

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Released - November 10, 2023

This glossary is the first of its kind. While most film glossaries cover the usual industry terms, this one is focused on the film design field. Besides being an up-to-date compilation of current and traditional film terms, this book includes many set design and architectural terms that are left out of other film glossaries. Along with over 1800 terms, the book includes a 40-page appendix of diagrams, graphs , and charts that support the glossary entries. It is both an entertainment industry glossary and an architectural glossary in one book.


The 40-page Appendix includes: diagrams that explain set flat construction, common drawing scales and construction drawing symbols, arch types, scale model size tables, standard furniture sizes, construction material lists including material types and sizes, fastener hardware sources, and camera data such as lens types, aspect ratios, sensor sizes, F-stops vs. T-stops, and a color temperature chart.                         

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The Wrand Architectural Design Detail Series

Release 2024- 2025

The Architectural Design Detail series will cover each of the subjects with a mixture of historical text, scale drawings, and
both color and black and white photographs to give the reader a detailed knowledge of the subject matter.


This 24-page color Ebook explains the basics of the Art Department in the film and television industry and provides you with resources to help you learn more while you're exploring a career in entertainment design.