10-Week  Set Design Foundation Course 


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Learn how to design industry-standard sets like these

This 10 week intensive course covers the basics of motion picture and television set design. Upon completion you will have an interview-ready, Hollywood industry standard set of drawings to use when applying for a position in the Art Department. You will know the basics of how a typical art department is run and have a working knowledge of the ground-level skills needed to work efficiently and effectively.

Why I designed this course for you

Early in my career, I had the benefit of working in a major studio Art Department where I had top Art Directors and Set Designers as mentors. It was the established way of learning the unwritten skills that have been developed by generations of film designers.

That system of training new designers is gone, with no replacement, until now.

Before I leave the industry, I want to pass on the skills and knowledge that have served me well throughout my career. I want to be a mentor to new designers who will never have the benefit of experiencing a traditional Art Department and the education that it provided. 

I want you to succeed.

The Result

Upon completion of the course you will have a portfolio of professionally vetted drawings to use in job interviews. In addition, you will learn the ground level skills needed to work efficiently and effectively.

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Hear from Peers in the Industry

"Randall is the most qualified and talented set designer I have ever had the pleasure to know and work with.

He not only has knowledge, talent, and craftsmanship as a set designer, but his experiences as a filmmaker and director give him unique insight into the whole design process."
Richard Hankins - Production Designer
Emmy Award Winner -
Private Practice

"If you want to understand Set Design, you could do no better than to study with Randall.

His knowledge is extensive and he is one of the most technically all-around talented designers I have ever worked with. He has all the imagination anyone would need to augment their experience.”
Jeannine Oppewall - Production Designer
Academy Award Nominee: 
Best Art Direction- The Good Shephard
Best Art Direction- Seabiscuit
Best Art Direction- Pleasantville
Best Art Direction- L.A. Confidential

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Recorded Instructions

Over 20 hours of video instruction



Weekly live Q&A sessions

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Community Lounge

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2 x 1-hour personal calls

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What's Included

1 year access 24/7

from registration to course completion

Work at your own pace

Fit it into your schedule

Recorded Instructions

Over 20 hours of video instruction

Weekly live Q&A sessions

Boosts the learning process

Community Lounge

Ask questions & interact with your peers

2 x 1-hour personal calls

with your instructor, Randall Wilkins

What You'll Learn in this Course

This 10-Week, self-paced, intensive course covers the basics of set design for film and television. 

  • Film and TV drawing nomenclature and symbol use
  • Script breakdown and analysis
  • Fundamentals of cameras and lens optics
  • Scaling from photographs and artwork
  • Understanding architectural proportions
  • Understanding the Classical Orders of architecture
  • Using and understanding architectural moulding
  • Working on a soundstage
  • Set construction - types & techniques
  • Designing stairways - types & construction
  • Photographic and painted backings
  • Set requirements for common special effects shots
  • Requirements for visual effects shots
  • Drawing details and FSD’s, (Full-Size Details)
  • Recreating period details; windows, doors, molding and staff elements
  • Understanding set requirements of other departments; Camera, Lighting and Visual Effects
  • Basic architectural hardware
  • Building physical study models
  • Shooting on studio backlots and locations
  • Proper location survey techniques

Requirements to take the course


Drafting ability is essential and not covered here. Both hand drafting and digital drafting in the software of your choice are acceptable. Completion of the portfolio drawings is not mandatory. It’s up to you. You are free to use any CAD software familiar to you. A standard for drawing software does not exist in the industry art department but each production designer has their own preferences. An important aspect of the set designer’s job is to create files that can be used by many different other programs. 3D modeling won’t be required for any of the class projects but feel free to work that way if that is a part of your usual design process.

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Meet your Instructor

Randall Wilkins 

  • Over 30 years of experience in the film and television industry in Hollywood
  • Credits span more than 80 film and television titles including Thor: Love and Thunder, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Catch Me If You Can
  • Teaches classes in design at the Art Directors Guild in Los Angeles, at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Guest lectures at schools internationally

I developed these courses to provide those interested in film design, a fundamental and foundational knowledge of designing and constructing the environments created for film and television in all its forms and genre, digital, built, futuristic or period correct.

Hear what past students say about the program

Patricia Witt

"The Set Design Foundations Series was an invaluable part of my Art Department education. It answered my questions about working full-time as a Set Designer and making a career in the entertainment industry. I learned so much about the tools, practices, and technical skills necessary for a successful start in film and TV. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone looking to further their design skills.

Olesya Golub

"When I started the 10-Week Set Design Foundations Series class, I was hoping to learn about the drawings that a Set Designer needs to produce, but I learned much more. This course covered everything: drawings, how to do a site survey, what the set designer's responsibilities are, and their position in the Art Department. My favorite part was learning about what not to do as a set designer. Learning from others' mistakes made me feel more confident in my work process. I started a Set Design job shortly after finishing the class. The class helped me do my first job with confidence. This class is a perfect start for anyone who is beginning a career in Set Design."

Garrett Brown

"This is an amazing course taught by an industry pro. Randall is an excellent, kind, and patient teacher who somehow manages to cover everything from the construction of a single flat to measuring a cathedral in Florence from just photos. I cannot speak highly enough about this class. Anyone who is serious about a career in set design should be required to take this course.

Your Investment

Total price


Four Monthly Payments of $937.50

  • Self-paced with unlimited time access.
  • Over 20 hours of recorded instruction
  • Weekly live Q&A calls
  • Community Lounge to interact with peers
  • BONUS: 2 hours of  one-on-one time with Randall per 10-week session






Because of the special nature of the class and proprietary materials, refunds will only be offered within 14 days of course registration. Please be sure this class is for you before you commit to it. If you have any reservations, schedule a free discovery call with Randall to discuss whether or not this course fits your needs.

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