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Wrand Film & Video Glossary - Film Design Edition


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 What's Included:

This glossary is the first of its kind. While most film glossaries cover the usual industry terms, this one is focused on the film design field. Besides being an up-to-date compilation of current and traditional film terms, this book includes many set design and architectural terms that are left out of other film glossaries. Along with over 1800 terms, the book includes a 40 page appendix of diagrams, graphs , and charts that support the glossary entries. It is both an entertainment industry glossary and an architectural glossary in one book.

The Appendix contains:

  • Drafting Symbols & Nomenclature

  • Common Drawing Scales

  • Scenery/Flat Construction Diagrams

  • Scale Model Size Chart

  • Fractional & Metric Conversion Tables

  • Lens Focal Length Categories

  • Aspect Ratios At A Glance

  • F-stop & T-stop Chart

  • Color Temperature Chart

  • Standard Furniture Dimensions

  • Hardware & Fastener References

  • Softwood & Hardwood Size Charts

  • Size Charts for Sheet Goods, Metal Pipes, and Bricks

               And more. . .

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"Oh what a great book, chapeau bas!"

Monika Dovnar

"I want the $40k I spent in film school refunded and this document sent back in time to me. It would have saved me a lot of money and confusion."